animAdverto is an Electro-Industrial band from the Netherlands, founded late 2001. It started as a solo project but soon gathered other musicians. After years of playing at clubs venues and festivals in germany but mainly in the netherlands and being played on a lot of radio stations we released our first CD.

Torment was very well received by the audience, and quite skyrocketed so a new pressing really came soon after that. Besides performing we are working on new songs and hoping to release our second CD.
The current line-up of animAdverto is a combination of fetish, harshness, elegance and theatrical performance.


The concept of animAdverto is creating harsh-industrial music with the flavor of melodic electronic music creating a dark danceable atmosphere.

A live-performance by animAdverto is a dynamic- energetic theatrical and danceable performance, bringing the music more than direct to the audience.
You will experience more ideas and concepts at live shows in the future and you will participate and be inspired to dance.

This is another band from the shadows in the spotlight, who know how to bring incomparable music to the audience.

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